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Off Menu Union

Join a local Washingtonian on a private 3 hour food and drink tour from Union Station to Union Market and discover all the hidden spots along the way.

Food and Drinks included!

3 Hours
starting at $99 per person

Join a local Washingtonian for food & drinks  

Washington DC is a city made of many small, distinctive neighborhoods often divided by invisible lines and barriers. This can lead to many feeling like there is nothing nearby yet being only a block from some amazing treasures!

Join us as we explore the neighborhoods of Union Station, Capitol Hill, Swampoodle, NoMa, and Union Market in a 3-hour tour that includes food and drink samples along the way curated by a local Washingtonian highlighting some of our favorite local spots.


Highlights include:

  • The oldest Irish Pub in Washington, DC

  • Local breweries and distilleries

  • Samples of a wide range of cuisines

  • Latin American market

  • Drink tasters!

Tour Highlights

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