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Lincoln Assassination Unscripted

Follow in the footsteps of one of the most famous assassins in history on April 14, 1865 with an expert guide while exploring life in Washington, DC during the Civil War, and even tour inside Ford's Theatre and the Petersen Boarding House.

2.5 Hours
Adult - $79
Child - $69

Experience 19th Century Washington, DC

And Learn the Full Story

Learn the story of the night that changed a nation

Includes Reserved Entry to Ford's Theatre* & the Petersen Boarding House!

Learn the full story of President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination, with details that you could not get elsewhere.

Join an expert guide as you explore the events that changed the history of a nation on the night a US president was assassinated for the first time. Follow in the footsteps of history's famous assassin on the day of April 14, 1865, while learning about life in Washington, DC during the Civil War.
Explore Ford's Theatre and see artifacts from the era while learning of their history and significance. Visit the actual room where Lincoln died in the Petersen house. Then tour downtown Washington, DC and see the locations where historic homes and business from the era once stood, and some still do.


Follow the footsteps of those involved in the Lincoln assassination, from conspirators to victims, while learning about Washington, DC in the Civil War Era. See key sites including where John Wilkes Booth lived, where he procured a horse, and the location of the former homes of several characters involved. Learn where Booth prior to the events of April 14th, 1865.

Ford's Theatre* & Museum

Explore the Museum at Ford's Theatre with a personal guide and learn the stories of the rare artifacts on display relating to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Then take a guided tour of the actual theater followed up by a ranger talk on the events around Lincoln's assignation.

Surratt Boarding House

Visit the home of the first woman executed by the federal government for her role in the plot that led to the assassination of President Lincoln.

The Petersen Boarding House

End your tour at the house President Lincoln was taken to after his fatal shot at the theater, with entry to explore inside and see the room where he died the following day.

*Unscripted Tours is not associated with Ford's Theatre. We reserve group entry passes as part of your tour.

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